About The What Happens Inside, Happens Outside for Organisations Workshop

The What Happens Inside, Happens Outside for Organisations Workshop uses the Archegyral Maps process to help you as an individual and as part of a wider organisation, to work with the tensions along the boundaries between the different beliefs that you collectively hold about the future. The biggest challenge that most organisations face in connecting their future plans with actual reality is in successfully communicating the variety of perspectives held by the individuals who are actively participating in creating that organisational future. The conventional method for dealing with this challenge is for an individual, or small group of individuals, to establish a single perspective based on their opinions and then influence or force others to adopt this viewpoint. Establishing a single perspective does not usually take a wider context into account, and working from the limitations of this particular viewpoint can often result in an increase of tension and lack of engagement from everyone else who is involved in bringing the future into reality.

The What Happens Inside, Happens Outside for Organisations Workshop is a one-day workshop that enables a group of people to share their various points of view about the best routes for making consistent progress into the future. Archegyral Maps are created using a language that all humans naturally share, which is our landscape, using it to draw topographic maps that illustrate our inner landscapes so we can describe our beliefs about the future to each other and to ourselves. We continually hear this topographic language in our day-to-day lives, consciously or unconsciously, when we use landscape metaphors to describe our perspectives on a particular situation such as stating that we ‘have a mountain to climb’ or are becoming ‘bogged down’. Rather than trying to limit perspectives, the Archegyral maps process embraces everyone’s perspective, enabling a common ground to be established that everyone is fully engaged in.

By working with a shared variety of differing perspectives, rather than trying to prescribe a single homogenous viewpoint, it is far more likely that alternative and previously unseen futures will emerge, offering better opportunities and more successful outcomes. By choosing the common topographic features from your maps, you can collectively draw a larger Common Ground Archegyral Map that you can use as a guiding reference as you navigate together into the future.

We all live in two worlds, and inner world and an outer world, and the healthier and more resilient that the connection between our inner and outer worlds is, the more likely it is that we will turn our ideas and imaginings into actual reality in the outer world. Even if you are consciously unaware of the connection between your inner and your outer worlds, what is happening in your inner world will still have a major influence on what is happening in your outer world. By consciously working with the connection between your inner and your outer worlds, you open yourself up to more powerful understandings of how to put your ideas and inspirations into tangible practice. How successfully you make your ideas actually happen in the outer world and how powerfully you allow your outer world to inspire your inner world often depends on the quality of the connection between your inner and outer worlds.

How the What Happens Inside, Happens Outside for Organisations Workshop can increase your awareness

– Enables you to connect your imagined future with your actual future
– Demonstrates how to share a variety of perspectives in a really practical way
– Realise how to work towards firmer understandings of your shared future
– Ability to identify the most meaningful steps you can collectively take
– Understanding how use your collective knowledge to make progress from the known and familiar into the unknown and unfamiliar
– Identifying pools of expertise and learning flows
– Connecting with other groups of people who can help you and work with you
– Exploring alternative routes to your collectively chosen future
– Ground your perspectives in a practical and pragmatic manner
– Air your views in an open and non-judgemental way
– Open up learning flows to draw on your shared experience
– Connect with other people in a fundamentally human process

The real value of your What Happens Inside, Happens Outside for Organisations Workshop

The real value of your What Happens Inside, Happens Outside for Organisations Workshop is that it enables you to become more aware of how you see  yourself moving into your future, based on your current perspectives and beliefs. As you survey the map of your inner landscape that you have drawn, you often see alternative routes, that you may not have considered before, and as you compare your map with the maps of people around you, you often find that their inner landscapes provide similar perspective to your own, and that you actually share common ground in your view of your collective future.