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The Turning Together Workshop provides you with the processes and experiences that will enable you to create conversations that actually make a difference for you and the people who you work with. Although your previous experience may have been that conversations are just something that happen to you and your colleagues, the reverse is true. You create the conversation and everything that emerges during it. Many business conversations are largely meaningless sequences of euphemisms platitudes and jargon, which are used by the conversation partners mainly as a way of unconsciously seeking approval from others, so that any tension can be avoided. Rather than attempting to avoid tension in the manner of ‘difficult’ or ‘fierce’ conversations, the Turning Together processes actively engage with tension and use it in a powerful and healthy manner so that you and your conversation partners can use it as a motive force to move forward into real and valuable outcomes.

The Turning Together Workshop is a one day workshop that begins by really understanding how to powerfully start a conversation by asking a powerful question. Good questions help you to create good conversations and great questions enable you to create great conversations. You will become more aware of the types of questions that we habitually use in the workplace and how many of these questions can actually prevent powerful conversations taking place, rather than actually catalysing them.

After understanding how to create and ask a powerful question, you will then use this skill as a basis for creating a powerful conversation. The most powerful conversations that you create will invariably involve the most tension for you and your conversation partners and you will become aware of the types of conversation that seek to minimise this tension and avoid it. Rather than ignoring this tension and suppressing it, the Turning Together Workshop enables you to experience how to use tension to consistently achieve practical and positive outcomes to your conversations.

In the Turning Together Workshop, you will become skilled at identifying tension by naming it and understanding your contribution to the tension by owning it. Naming and owning the tension gives you the opportunity to choose how you are going to use it to achieve a valuable outcome to your conversation. Rather than tension being an uncomfortable boundary that is holding you and your colleagues back, it becomes a healthy motive force that enables you to make progress beyond what you previously thought was possible.

Our word ‘conversation‘ originates from the Latin words ‘con‘, meaning ‘together ‘, and ‘verse‘, meaning ‘turning‘. Conversation literally means ‘turning together‘ and so when you create a conversation, you and your conversation partner are creating a dynamic feedforward – feedback loop that turns together, enabling you both to work with the tensions that you may be encountering along the boundaries between your inner and your outer worlds. As you both turn together, you not only give each other the opportunity to understand your respective inner world perspectives, you are also giving yourself the opportunity to view any tensions that you are encountering from a variety of viewpoints. By doing this, you are far more likely to see the bigger picture and understand the wider context, meaning that you are not just turning together but can also turn any difficult situation around.

How the Turning Together Workshop can increase your awareness

  • Enables you to consistently ask powerful questions
  • Demonstrates how to create powerful conversations
  • Realise how to create and hold conversation space
  • Ability to clearly state what you want to talk about and to declare why the conversation is important to you
  • Confirming that your conversation partner understands what you are talking about and why it’s important to you
  • Identifying who you are in the conversation
  • Declaring what you need from the conversation
  • Stating your beliefs about the conversation
  • Identifying and naming tension
  • Valuing and owning tension
  • Viewing and choosing tension
  • Acting on and using tension

The real value of your Turning Together Workshop

The real value of your Turning Together Workshop is that you will gain valuable practical experience in using unique human-centred processes that actually work in real life workplace situations. The questions that you will ask in the conversations that you will create in your Turning Together Workshop will be inspired by real-life tensions that you are encountering in your workplace. By participating in your Turning Together Workshop, you will not only increase your awareness of how to ask powerful questions and create an action oriented conversations, you will also resolve tensions that you are currently experiencing in your workplace, even though some of these may have previously seemed insurmountable.

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