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Even though it may seem more logical to think of yourself as a single identity, as described by your passport or security pass, every individual accommodates a unique family of characters, and you will be more familiar with some of these self characteristics than others. Although it may seem as if another person is causing you to feel tension across your mutual boundary, the reality is that the tension they seem to be causing you is often caused by aspects of your own self that are currently unnamed, unowned and unchosen. Many of these perceived differences occur at an unconscious level, so you may not always be aware of the personal tensions that emerge, exist and evolve, and how you can use them to create healthy free-flowing connections with other people, and with your self. The Human Nature for Human Teams Workshop provides you with the processes and experiences that will enable you to consistently connect with your selves so that you can work with them to achieve consistently successful outcomes.

The Human Nature for Human Teams Workshop is a one-day workshop that enables you to actually identify the characteristic that is emerging for you and how that reflects the tension that you are experiencing with another person. Many interpersonal conflicts arise in the workplace because of poorly defined boundaries between self characteristics that you project into another person, rather than identifying them as an aspect of your own behaviour. By using this tension to name your self that is emerging, you can become more aware of your characteristic behaviours in the situation, so you can use them to make a healthy connection with another person,

By working with the self characteristics as they emerge, exist and evolve for you, you can create much healthier and effective relationships between you and the people who you work with. Rather than feeling that other people are causing you tension or that somehow you causing tension for them, you become far more aware of what you are both feeding forward and feeding back across your interpersonal boundaries. Being more self-aware of your own characteristics also results in you becoming more aware of the characteristics of other people, so that you can work together to create a healthy and free-flowing mutual connection.

In the Human Nature for Human Teams Workshop, you will become skilled at using the Self Connection Process, which enables you to name, own, choose and use your selves, so that you can actually use your self-perceptions to achieve your chosen outcome, rather than just feeling that a situation is just happening to you and there is nothing you can do about it. Instead of feeling like you are just experiencing a confusing and uncomfortable jumble of emotions, you become far more aware of what is emerging in your inner world and how you are connecting that awareness to your outer world.

One of the main challenges that you can have in working with your self is viewing yourself as a single stereotyped identity that you and other people expect to behave in a particular way. Instead of providing you with a stable platform for action, this often just results in a situation where you feel stuck in a rut and unable to move forward because no one respects and recognises your value. By working with your self characteristics and realising that you most often experience your unknown and unfamiliar self through others, you can use the connection between your inner world and the inner world of another person to turn together with them so that you can healthily turn your situation around. As you use your self characteristics to turn your situation around, you often find that you turn your self perceptions around, enabling you to open up new opportunities and release yourself from situations that no longer allow you to truly be your self.

How your Human Nature for Human Teams Workshop can increase your awareness

– Enables you to clearly identify who you are in a particular situation
– Demonstrates how to use the Self Connection Process
– Working with your actual selves rather than idealised selves
– Understanding the nature of projecting, presenting, preferring and practising your selves
– Identifying and naming your selves
– Valuing and owning your selves
– Viewing and choosing your selves
– Acting on and using your selves
– Working with your projected selves by feeding your outer world inwards
– Working with your presented selves by feeding your inner world outwards
– Working with your preferred selves to reconnect your inner and outer worlds
– Working with your practiced selves to create healthy free-flowing connections

The real value of your Human Nature for Human Teams Workshop

The real value of your Human Nature for Human Teams Workshop is that you will gain valuable practical experience in using the Self Connection Process, a unique and original process that actually works in real life workplace situations. By actively using your emotions to work with the tensions that you experience along the boundaries between your inner and outer worlds, you will naturally create a healthy free-flowing connection between them. This also enables you to create healthier free flowing connections with other people, giving you more opportunity to put your shared perspectives and insights into valuable and productive action.

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