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Much of what people imagine in their inner worlds is focused on the future, a future where what is being imagined in their inner worlds could and should happen in the outer world. Although it seems as if the future will happen in the way that you hope it will, just because you have imagined it, the reality is that there is a boundary between the imagined future of your inner world and actual outcomes and results in your outer world. This boundary can often be confusing and poorly defined, resulting in tension emerging along it as you, consciously or unconsciously, become aware of differences between your imagined expectations and actual outcomes. The Human Nature for Human Organisations Workshop provides you with the processes and experiences that will enable you to consistently connect with your future so that you can work with the tension that you experience between expectation and outcome, so you can create your imagined futures more consistently.

The Human Nature for Human Organisations Workshop is a one-day workshop that begins by taking the initial steps to identify the differences between your imagined outcomes and actual results. As you work with this identified tension between your inner and your outer worlds, you open yourself up to a variety of other opportunities. Rather than maintaining a fixed view of the future, you find yourself maintaining openness and curiosity about how you can continually close the gap between your expectations and what you actually produce.

By actively working to organise your future, rather than just letting it happen to you, you often find that you create a much healthier connection across the boundary where you experience tension between what you expect should happen, and what actually does happen.  As you become more aware of how you are connecting to your future, you give yourself a greater understanding of your potential to shape it and how you can recognise valuable potential opportunities that you may otherwise have missed.

In the Human Nature for Human Organisations Workshop, you will become skilled at using the Future Connection Process, which enables you to name, own, choose and use your future, so that you can actually use your emotions to achieve your chosen outcome, rather than just feeling that they are unwelcome intrusions that and just happening to you. Instead of trying to completely control the future or feeling surprised or disappointed by what emerges in the future, you begin to realise how much of the future already exists in your inner world, and how you can make your chosen future happen by creating a healthy and free-flowing connection between your inner and outer worlds.

As well as being a successful outcome filled with potential opportunity and promise, the future can also appear to be scary and threatening, and that is often why people prefer to work with known futures that minimise threat, but which also reduce opportunity. By using an iterative process where you continually make small steps into the future, you usually reduce the level of risk that you are exposed to and when you engage with any potential threats, you can discover more about them and potentially use them to your advantage. Rather than feeling that you are stuck in the present, with no real influence on the approaching future and feeling that you cannot commit to taking a big step, making a series of small iterative steps enables you to explore your future and means that you are continually progressing in working with your future, and will reach your intended future much more quickly.

How your Human Nature for Human Organisations Workshop can increase your awareness

– Enables you to clearly identify what you truly believe about a particular situation
– Demonstrates how to use the Future Connection Process
– Working with your actual future rather than an idealised future
– Understanding the nature of initiating, maintaining, adapting and embracing your future
– Identifying and naming beliefs
– Valuing and owning beliefs
– Viewing and choosing beliefs
– Acting on and using beliefs
– Initiating your future by feeding your outer world inwards
– Maintaining your future by feeding your inner world outwards
– Adapting your future to reconnect your inner and outer worlds
– Embracing your future to create healthy free-flowing connections

The real value of your Human Nature for Human Organisations Workshop

The real value of your Human Nature for Human Organisations Workshop is that you will gain valuable practical experience in using the Future Connection Process, a unique and original process that actually works in real life workplace situations. Rather than always feeling as if the future is happening to you and that other people are choosing how your individual future emerges, exist and evolves, constructing your future in an organised manner helps you to close the gap across the boundary between what you imagine should be happening and what actually is happening. Instead of viewing the future as a threat or an imposition, you can view it as an outcome that you are actively involved in creating and embracing.

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