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As you work with your emotions and your perceptions of your self, it can often feel as if you don’t currently have the power that you need to move your emotional tensions into flow and your self tensions into practice. Even though you are aware of the boundaries where these tensions are emerging, it may feel as if other people have power over you and you lack the necessary power that you feel you need. Power is often confused with control and although tensions involving power and control often combine, they are two different aspects of connecting your inner and your outer worlds. The Human Nature for Human Leaders Workshop provides you with the processes and experiences that will enable you to consistently connect with your power so that you can work with it to achieve consistently successful outcomes.

The Human Nature for Human Leaders Workshop is a one-day workshop that works with what power you really need in a particular situation, rather than just always trying to obtain more resources and status. Instead of feeling that other people always have all the power, you begin to realise how much power you actually have, and how you can use it to fulfill not just your needs, but also to help other people fulfill their needs. By being more aware of your power connections, you give yourself a greater understanding of the value that you are actually creating in your outer world by using the creativity and resourcefulness that you possess in your inner world.

Although it may seem as if another person has power over you and is causing you to feel tension across a shared boundary, the reality is that the tension they seem to be causing you is often a result of aspects of your own power that are currently unnamed, unowned and unchosen. Power is the capacity to fulfill a need and when you fulfill that need, you naturally create value. When you feel that you lack the power that you need, it often suggests that you are unclear about your value and how much other people really recognise your talents. When you feel unclear about your own value, it is natural to concentrate on outer world power by accumulating as many valuable resources as you can in the outer world, rather than working with your own inner power to become more aware of the value that you can create.

In the Human Nature for Human Leaders Workshop, you will become skilled at using the Power Connection Process, which enables you to name, own, choose and use your power, so that you can actually use your power to fulfil your chosen needs.  The more consistently that you create value by using your own talent, the more likely you are to attract other people towards you as they, consciously or unconsciously, feel that you can help them to meet their needs. Confidently revealing the talent and determination of your inner power means that your power will naturally increase, rather than always feeling that you have to grab it wherever you can.

Power is traditionally viewed in the workplace as a possession rather than as a process. Many people, particularly leaders, tend to view gaining power as an end in itself, rather than just a means to an end. The reality is, however, that in trying to gain all the trappings of power, with its accompanying status and resources, it can be easy to become disconnected from your fundamental needs and what you feel the deeper purpose of your work actually is. By working to name, own and choose your needs, you raise your awareness of the inner power that you possess and by realising the power that you really have, you can choose to let go of power that no longer fulfils your needs, so that you can reveal and deeper and more purposeful power to yourself and to the people who you work with. The most powerful and direct way to gain outer power is not by simply trying to accumulate resources and status, but by connecting with your inner power. By creating a healthy free-flowing connection between your inner power and outer power, you will always find a way to fulfill your deeper purpose.

How your Human Nature for Human Leaders Workshop can increase your awareness

– Enables you to clearly identify what you need from a particular situation
– Demonstrates how to use the Power Connection Process
– Working with actual power rather than idealised power
– Understanding the nature of raising, realising, revealing and releasing your power
– Identifying and naming your power
– Valuing and owning your power
– Viewing and choosing your power
– Acting on and using your power
– Raising your power by feeding your outer world inwards
– Realising your power by feeding your inner world outwards
– Revealing your power to reconnect your inner and outer worlds
– Releasing your power to create healthy free-flowing connections

The real value of your Human Nature for Human Leaders Workshop

The real value of your Human Nature for Human Leaders Workshop is that you will gain valuable practical experience in using the Power Connection Process, a unique and original process that actually works in real life workplace situations. By working with your creativity, resourcefulness, talent, determination and inventiveness, you can use your inner power to turn your situation around and as you do so, the greatest value that you gain is often a much deeper understanding of your own needs and what the purpose of your work really is. Your real needs reflect what you truly value and even though you desire for more resources and status may appear to have some value, they may simply become a burden and never actually help you fulfill your deeper needs.

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