Understand Yourself

There is a fundamental step in really understanding what is actually happening in any situation, no matter how complex or chaotic that situation initially appears to be. And most people miss that step out because they feel it’s of no real consequence or they are simply unaware of it. That step, that fundamental step, that everyone needs to take to really understand what is happening in any situation, is to achieve a level of self-understanding, of self-awareness. The reason why self-understanding is so vital in understanding any situation is because human perception is not nearly as objective and rational as we often think it might be.

Without a fundamental level of self-understanding, your understanding of any situation will be prone to all sorts of natural human biases and assumptions that can influence your perceptions and subsequent actions. Because these biases and assumptions occur at a mainly instinctive and unconscious level, most people are unaware of how heavily they actually can influence and distort perceptions of what is actually happening. Even though you may be attempting to be as unbiased and objective as possible, it’s only human to naturally introduce your instinctive biases into any situation that you are trying to understand.

Conventional methods for actively developing your self-awareness and increasing your levels of self-understanding are not particularly effective. They tend to rely on belief systems, which are often full of systemic biases and assumptions, or they use a simplistic set of mechanistic categorisations in personality profiling tools, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The main method that most people use for developing a level of self-understanding as a passive, rather than an active, process and that is to unconsciously rely on the opinions and judgments of other people. Most people’s self-understanding is simply an unconscious reflection of what other people appear to think about them.

Instead of relying on the biased opinions of others, working with Archegyral processes is a really powerful way to understand your self as it places you at the centre of your self-perceptions and helps you to understand the biases and assumptions that you may be unconsciously introducing across the boundary between your inner and outer worlds. As you stand in the centre of the circle of your self-perceptions, the Archegyre provides you with a fundamental frame of reference that enables you consistently orient yourself in any situation.

By working from the centre of this fundamental framework you naturally achieve a greater understanding of yourself of who you actually are, what you really need and what you truly believe, no matter what the situation is. As you use this reference framework to understand yourself in greater depth, you will naturally find yourself achieving a much deeper understanding of other people, how to work together as a team, how to lead a team, and how you can use your powerful self-understanding to powerfully influence your organisation and culture.