Person-Person Reflectors

The Person-Person Reflectors enable you to identify and explore any inherent tensions that are being experienced between the self-perceptions of two other people. To use the Person-Person Reflectors, you simply choose the results of the Archegyral Person Identifiers or Illuminators of two other people and an Archegyral Aspect Person-Person grid will be created for you. You can also use Person-Person Reflectors to explore any inherent tensions in the self-perceptions of another person.

Perceptions and Perspectives

Working with an Archegyral Reflector enables you to move from potentially biased perceptions into wider and validated perspectives. The information supplied in an Archegyral Reflector Grid is not intended as a prescriptive judgement of how your connections are and how they will always be. Instead, an Archegyral Reflector Grid enables you to understand the nature of the tensions that you are experiencing along the boundaries between your inner and your outer world, and the inner and outer worlds of other people.