Archegyral Object Identifier

The Archegyral Object Identifier Report describes how your unconscious perceptions of a particular item are being dynamically experienced as a Cadence and the patterns that these are forming. A page of description and related questions is given for each of the 12 patterns of Arcs and Cadences that you have identified for this particular object. Each of the 12 descriptions provides a reflection of the unconscious understanding that you are currently experiencing.

Objects and Cadences

In the Object Identifier, the 12 Arcs reflect 12 different aspects of a particular item, which are known as Objects. Each Object has its own individual characteristics and so each will tend to be more prevalent in different types of contextual space. As you become more aware of the unconscious behavioural patterns formed by these Objects and Cadences, the more you are able to resolve the challenges that you encounter and make the most of the opportunities you create.

Object Identifier Circle

The Objects and Cadences that you have identified in this particular situation are illustrated in an Archegyral circle, shown here as an Object Identifier Circle. The Object Identifier Circle shows each of the 12 perceptual Arcs and their associated Objects with the identified Cadences. By looking at the Circle you can see how your perceptions are reflecting your unconscious understanding and how these may be colouring the Cadences of current behavioural patterns.

Object Identifier Descriptions

Each of the 12 connections between the identified Cadences and Objects are also detailed. These 12 descriptions reflect how you are using your unconscious understanding as you connect with the place around you. As you become aware of the unconscious perceptions that you may be forming in this particular set of circumstances and how those might be reflected in your behavioural patterns, you will create more choices and give yourself the opportunity to act on them.

Object Identifier Questions

Each of the 12 combinations of Objects and Cadences forms a possibility space rather than a completely defined outcome. To explore this possibility space and the opportunities that it holds, 7 questions are provided for each of the 12 combinations. As you answer these questions, you will identify specific actions that you can take to create value in this situation.

Using the Object Identifier Questions

Start by answering the questions that appear most significant to you as it will engage most quickly with your unconscious understanding of where you will often find most value in any situation. Whereas statements are often heard as judgements that are unalterable, questions open you up to real action and successful outcomes. The opportunities offered by your chosen questions specifically reflect your real potential and purpose in this particular situation.