Archegyral Echoes

Archegyral Echoes are an online tool that enable you to directly engage with significant individual perceptions within large groups of people. An Archegyral Echo enables individuals to illuminate significant meaning in stories and conversations by using the Archegyral Illumination process. These self-signified stories and conversations are then collected and illustrated in a way that enables you to see the types of stories and conversations that are being shared and told in your organisation. You can read each story or conversation that has been shared by selecting that data point from the Archegyral Echo display. Archegyral Echoes allow you to see the bigger picture of the stories and conversations that your organisation consists of, and also to connect and engage with the stories and conversations that figure most prominently.

Change and Transformation

Using an Archegyral Echo is of great value in large-scale organisational change and transformation programs. One of the fundamental challenges in the change and transformation process is that the instigators of the transformation programme almost invariably tend to focus on how things should be, rather than working with how things actually are and the innate potential for healthy change that is emerging in the here and now. By using an Archegyral Echo, you can gain a clearer view of the conversations and stories that are actually being shared, instead of having to try and interpret the results of mediated employee engagement surveys and progress status reports.

Connecting Across Boundaries

Most change and transformation programs focus on trying to change the culture or trying to change the individuals who create that culture. Viewing a culture as an object, a reified thing, or viewing individuals as objects whose behaviours can become more idealised, will usually result in the failure of a change and transformation programme, even though it appears to be grudgingly accepted by the individuals within an organisation. The most powerful way to encourage real change and transformation within a culture is to help individuals become more aware of the way that they connect with each other, and how they connect with their inner and outer worlds. Using an Archegyral Echo enables you to see the nature of the connections that individuals are making with each other, and within themselves. This enables you to create contexts that will encourage and amplify positive and healthy connections, and dissipate those connections that may be preventing more powerful and purposeful progress.