Archegyral Connectors

Archegyral Connectors enable you to connect a number of self-perceptions that you have identified by using Archegyral Identifiers or illuminated by working with Archegyral Illuminators. As well as connecting your own self-perceptions, Archegyral Connectors enable you to connect to the self-perceptions of other people in a group that you are working in. There are two types of Archegyral Connectors, which are Group Connectors and Cadence Connectors.

Group Connectors

Archegyral Group Connectors provide you with an archegyre that illustrates the overall self-perceptions of a group that you are participating in. The Group Connector enables you to add and remove individual members from the group, so you can see how that changes the overall group dynamics. By seeing how specific individuals can alter the group dynamics, you can explore different ways of connecting with them so that you can achieve your preferred group balance for a particular situation.

Cadence Connectors

Archegyral Cadence Connectors enable you to see how the individual members of group give voice to their self-perceptions in a particular situation. The Cadence Connector illustrates the cadences that individuals are using to engage with the tensions along the boundaries between the inner and outer worlds. By understanding how individuals are giving voice to the self-perceptions within a group, you can connect with them more powerfully and have a clear understanding of their individual perspectives on the situation that you are engaged in.

Connections Not Inventories

The conventional view of a team, or a group of people working together, is that it should be as homogenous as possible, with everyone’s perspective is fully aligned. This process is often taken further, by using personality profiling tools such as the MBTI, where the ‘bench-strengths’ of the individuals within a team are used as an inventory of the team’s capabilities. Rather than using this simplistic objectification process, Archegyral Connectors enable you to explore the connections between the individuals in a team, which are by far the most important indicator of a team’s capabilities.