Archegyral Journeys

As you explore the perspectives and viewpoints that you hold in your inner world, and look at ways of moving them into your outer world of practical reality, you naturally find yourself on a journey that connects your inner and your outer worlds. The purpose of this journey is, consciously or unconsciously, to fulfill your needs and create value from them. The challenge that you face as you embark on this journey is that you may be unsure about what your purpose actually is, and you may find yourself putting all your effort into a journey that provides you with no real fulfillment. Power is the capacity to fulfill a need and fulfilling your deeper needs means that you have to connect with your inner power and understand more about how it can motivate you.

Quests And Questions

Archegyral Journeys help you to connect with your inner power by using a guided visioning process, where you journey through a natural landscape in your outer world and as you do so, you are invited to answer questions about what is emerging, existing and evolving in your inner world as you make the journey. The word ‘question’ comes from the same root as our word ‘quest‘, meaning a journey, and the questions provided by an Archegyral Journey help you to embark on a quest into your inner world. The questions are asked at significant points on the Archegyral Journey, where a landscape feature in the outer world is used to connect to a powerful insight from your inner world. As you answer these questions, you naturally find yourself purposefully travelling through your inner world as you seek to understand what you really need.


The journeys that you embark on, in both your inner and outer worlds, transport you through a series of stages, and the waypoints in your Archegyral Journeys in the outer world signify stages in your journey through your inner world. Each of the waypoints in an Archegyral Journey provides a question that helps you to connect across the boundary between your inner and outer worlds. As you answer this question, you take the first steps to resolving the tension across the boundary. Some of the boundaries will emerge as thresholds that you have to cross in order to make a meaningful connection between your inner and your outer worlds. As you cross these thresholds, you will find yourself becoming more aware of who you are and what you do, becoming more aware of the initial actions that you often take and the habitual actions, protocols and rituals that you often use to try to make progress.


As you move through perceptual thresholds and become more aware of who you are and what you do, you often find yourself engaging with existing barriers in your inner world that seem to consistently block your progress. These barriers often reflect a tension between what you need and what you value, between how much you feel that other people need you and how much they value your talents. It can seem as if these inner world barriers are insurmountable and it can seem easier to settle for an apparent stability, where you never try to get beyond these barriers, even though that may mean that you make no further progress in your journey into your inner landscape. The questions that you ask yourself on Archegyral Journeys enable you to engage with these barriers and use them as valuable resources that will allow you to consistently move forward with your inner purpose.


As you cross your inner thresholds and move beyond inner barriers, your perspectives naturally evolve as you continue your Archegyral Journey, moving through a series of viewpoints in your outer world. The tensions that you encounter as you engage with these evolving boundaries are often around your beliefs about yourself in your inner world and your views on particular situations in your outer world. The questions that you ask yourself at these stage of an Archegyral Journey help you to explore your beliefs and your views, and how these may be limiting you from going beyond what you believe to be possible and discovering your greater potential. As you answer these questions, you naturally move beyond limiting self-beliefs in your inner world, which then connects you to far clearer understanding of your true potential in your outer world.


After completing your Archegyral Journey, you naturally spend time reflecting on the thresholds, barriers and limitations that you have encountered in your inner world, and as you do so, you become much more aware of where you have come from, where you are now and where you are going. As you walk through your outer world on an Archegyral Journey under your own motive power, you are also making progress in your inner world, as you understand more about what really motivates you. The more that you engage with the tensions along the boundaries between your inner and your outer world, the more self-motivated that you will become. This self-motivation enables you to use your inner power to purposefully create value in the outer world, and rather than waiting for other people to give you power, you can motivate yourself to take the steps that you need in a journey of continuous self-development.

Walking Outside, Journeying Inside

The guided visioning that you experience on Archegyral Journeys helps you to connect with your inner vision so that you can see beyond the boundaries that may have been preventing you, and the people who you work with, from moving forward. Guiding yourself by using your inner vision enables you to see beyond what others can see, and to help motivate them to go beyond what they thought was possible in their inner worlds. By being able to provide a vision for other people, and using your inner power to create value, you naturally become a leader. Although being a leader is usually viewed as a journey in your outer world where you acquire power and status, the fundamental part of any leadership journey is stepping into the unknown and unfamiliar, and making the powerful journey into your inner world.