Archegyral Voices

Archegyral Voices are a process that help you as an individual, or as part of a larger group, to work with the tensions along the boundaries between who you are and what you do, consciously and unconsciously, as you connect your inner and outer worlds, and put your imagination and ideas into action. You identify your Archegyral Voices in a particular situation by listening to the language that you use and reflecting on the imagery that it expresses. The words that you naturally use as you describe a particular situation often reveal aspects of your self that you may not be consciously aware of, and these unspoken voices can help you to resolve tensions that you may be encountering along the boundaries between your inner and outer worlds.

Selves And Voices

Your self is the living, breathing, dynamic connection between your inner and your outer worlds that you experience in the perceptual flow between them. When using an Archegyre as a contextual framework for understanding the self, your self-perceptions naturally form into a number of perceptual arcs that help you to work with the tensions that you encounter along the boundaries between your inner and outer worlds. These perceptual arcs also reflected in the Archegyral Voices that you use to describe particular situations and by connecting with the specific Archegyral Voices that you are using, you can create a discovery conversation with yourself that enables you to become more aware of how you enact, embody and express your self-perceptions.

Voices And Characters

The Archegyral Voices that you use to describe particular situations, and the tensions that you encounter in them, are also reflected in your perceptions of the people around you in this situation. The characteristic behaviours of the people around you, and how you connect with them, are often the best mirrors you have of your own behaviours and your perceptions of your self. By seeing aspects of your own behaviours reflected in your perceptions of the behaviours of other people, you can naturally gain deeper insights into who you actually are, what you really need and what you truly believe. Your self-perceptions naturally also tend to colour your perceptions of other people and by using the Archegyral Voices processes, you can create healthier and more effective conversations and connections with the people who you are working with.

Who You Are

Working with the Archegyral Voices processes can help you to identify any tensions that may be emerging between who you feel you actually are and who you feel you should be, as you relate to the people around you. If you don’t identify this tension and work with it, you often find yourself listening to your inner voices arguing with each other in interfering cross-talk in your inner world, or you may find yourself involved in cross-talk and verbal conflict with the people around you in your outer world. By engaging with the boundary tensions between your inner and outer world identities, you can focus on vocalising what is most meaningful for you, rather than just engaging in meaningless chatter with your self or with another person.

What You Need

The Archegyral Voices processes can also help you to give voice to what you really need from your self and from your connections with the people around you. It can often seem more comfortable to conceal your needs, either consciously or unconsciously, as you feel that revealing your needs to others may make you appear vulnerable or needy. Even though you are trying to appear strong and powerful to other people, and to yourself, the words that you naturally use in any context will often reveal your unspoken deeper needs and how you hope to fulfill them. Using Archegyral Voices enables you to work with the tensions that you experience between your goals and objectives in your outer world, and what you really need in your inner world. As you engage with this tension, you often find yourself speaking more powerfully in a way that other people really value.

What You Believe

As you use Archegyral Voices to explore the voices that you hear speaking in your inner world and your outer world, you often become more aware of the assumptions that you may be making about a particular situation. These assumptions can reflect your own clarity or confusion about what you believe to be true, and also the assumptions that you may be making, consciously or unconsciously, about what other people are really saying as you connect with them. Using Archegyral Voices helps you to examine your own perspectives and explore the viewpoints of other people, so that you can arrive at a much clearer understanding of what you’re actually saying when you voice your opinions.

Collective Voices

Using the Archegyral Voices processes also helps you to establish a collective voice with people who you work with. By experiencing how the language that you use reflects your self-perceptions and colours your perspectives, you naturally become more aware of how other people voice their self-perceptions and express their perspectives. This enables you to enjoy much clearer communication with other people and helps you to develop healthier and more positive connections with them. By hearing what you are actually saying and actively listening to the voices of other people, it is much easier to find your collective voice as a group, rather than becoming lost in an unresolved confusion of unconfirmed assumptions that fragments your group instead of uniting it.