What Happens Inside, Happens Outside

We all live in two worlds, and inner world and an outer world, and the healthier and more resilient that the connection between our inner and outer worlds is, the more likely it is that we will turn our ideas and imaginings into actual reality in the outer world. Even if you are consciously unaware of the connection between your inner and your outer worlds, what is happening in your inner world will still have a major influence on what is happening in your outer world. By consciously working with the connection between your inner and your outer worlds, you open yourself up to more powerful understandings of how to put your ideas and inspirations into tangible practice.

Understanding and Explaining

How successfully you make your ideas actually happen in the outer world and how powerfully you allow your outer world to inspire your inner world often depends on the quality of the connection between your inner and outer worlds. Although your experiences of conscious awareness may seem like you are merely an observer immersed in an extremely high definition sensory experience, in reality, you are constantly generating emotions and images in your inner world and unconsciously feeding them forward into the outer world around you. You then use the outer world to sense check what you are generating imaginally in your inner world. This enables you to identify any differences between what you imagine to be happening and what actually is happening, with this instinctive process of understanding and explaining happening unconsciously in a continual feedforward and feedback loop.

Natural Learning

This is a natural learning process, constantly evolving and updating the differences between what you imagine in your inner world and your experiences of the tangible realities of your outer world. It might seem that it would be easier and more straightforward to disregard the subjective experience of this continuous loop of understanding and explanation between your inner and outer worlds but at a fundamental level, the emotions, imagery and language that you use form the basis of how you explain your inner world and understand your outer world.

Unheard and Unspoken

The most natural way to work with this continual feedforward and feedback loop, this continually moving circle, this gyre is to use the natural human understanding that connects your inner and outer worlds through language and imagery. This natural human understanding can be accessed by working a range of original processes. These include working with Archegyral Voices, Maps, Journeys and Stories. Archegyral Voices are a way of connecting to the unconscious power of everyday language to connect with the deeper aspects of your self, so that you can explore valuable areas of your understanding that may often remain unheard and unspoken.

Inner World Perspectives

Archegyral Maps enable you to create a map using outer world topography to reflect your inner world perspectives. By clearly delineating your inner world perspectives in the form of a topographic map, you provide yourself with a much clearer understanding of your way forward and the best way to navigate through any obstacles and challenges. The universal imagery used in an archegyral map also enables you to compare your map with other people so that you can clearly identify where you have common ground and how you can reach the higher ground that you are seeking.

Powerful Understanding

Archegyral Journeys are guided walks in natural surroundings where you use the locations that you encounter in the outer natural world to reflect what is naturally happening for you in your inner world. At each stage of the journey, you are invited to ask yourself particular questions, and as you do so powerful answers from your inner world will emerge. In an archegyral journey, natural progress doesn’t just happen outside but also occurs inside as you instinctively seek out deeper and more powerful understandings.

Drama and Tensions

The stories that we tell and listen to are one of our most instinctive ways of connecting our inner and outer worlds. We tend to be drawn to stories that involve dramas and tensions, and Archegyral Stories connect the universal dramas that all humans experience to specific individual tensions that you are currently working with. By making a consistent connection between the individual stories of your inner world and the universal stories of the outer world, you can achieve a much clearer understanding of how you can step into action, what you need for success and what your beliefs about potential outcomes may be.

Making It Happen

The more that you work with your instinctive understanding of natural imagery and language, the more successful you will be connecting the ideas, imaginings and inspirations of your inner world to the practical realities of actually making them happen in the outer world. Leadership is about changing the conversation but the conversation that you need to change is the conversation between your inner and outer worlds, and the inner and outer worlds of those attracted to follow you.