Working With Your Power

By working with what you really need in a situation, rather than just always trying to obtain more resources and status, you usually find that you create much healthier and effective power connections between you and the people who you work with. Instead of feeling that other people always have all the power, you begin to realise how much power you actually have, and how you can use it to fulfill not just your needs, but also to help other people fulfill their needs. By being more aware of your power connections, you give yourself a greater understanding of the value that you are actually creating in your outer world by using the creativity and resourcefulness that you possess in your inner world.

Why Idealised Powers Don’t Work

In most organisations, the conventional way to work with power is to give individuals specific and apparently clearly defined powers. These powers are usually based on the capacity to allocate resources, within a particular set of budgetary constraints. The resources are often financial and enable the person who holds that power to provide assets and rewards to other individuals. Although this seems to be clear and fair way to distribute power, it often results in a situation where resources are being used to provide status and recognition rather than actually contributing to the organisation’s purpose by fulfilling fundamental needs. As a result of this, most of the valuable work that is done in organisations is done through unofficial channels, such as setting up skunkworks to access the creativity and inventiveness of individuals, so it can be valuably liberated.

Raising Your Power

As you raise awareness of your power by asking yourself what you really need from a situation, you are pushing the purpose of that need out across the boundary of your inner world, into your shared outer world and the inner worlds of other people. If you keep trying to raise your power by pushing it outwards to accumulate more status and resources, you will often find tension emerging between you and other people as they compete with you to also gain possession of those resources and status. Rather than concentrating on gaining power from other people, you can raise your power far more effectively by asking yourself the question ‘what do I really need in the situation?‘ rather than always pushing outwards to gain more power as a way of gaining status and recognition.

Realising Your Power

When you ask yourself what you really need, you may often feel that you lack the inner power to fulfill that need because it seems as if you don’t have enough talent or creativity. This can result in you feeling powerless and so you withdraw back into your inner world and hope that other people will somehow fulfill your needs for you. Instead, what usually happens is that other people push across the boundary into your inner world and use your inventiveness and resourcefulness to meet their own needs. If you keep taking care of other people’s needs, you will find it challenging to meet your own needs and will never actually realise the value of your inner power and resourcefulness. The more that you demonstrate your inner power to other people, the more valuable that you realise you are, and the more valuable that others will realise you are.

Releasing Your Power

Only concentrating on outer power can often result in a power struggle where the only thing that seems to matter are the resources and status that you can gain as you compete with the people around you. This can often result in you indiscriminately attempting to obtain power rather than actually asking yourself how you can use it to fulfill your real needs. By making choices about what your real needs truly are, you can release yourself from situations that are no longer serving any deeper purpose for you and as you do so, you release your power to other people who may have a greater need for it than you do. Although you may feel that letting go of power reduces your capacity to fulfill your needs, it actually enables you to use your talents and resourcefulness to create what matters most to you, and this often has the outcome of attracting more power towards you.

Revealing Your Power

It can sometimes feel easier to conceal your inner power rather than revealing it to other people, in case they try to take your power away or that somehow, the talent and resourcefulness of your inner power will appear to be worthless. As you use your creativity and inventiveness to fulfill your needs, however, you will naturally find yourself revealing your talent to the people around you. The more consistently that you create value by using your own talent, the more likely you are to attract other people towards you as they, consciously or unconsciously, feel that you can help them to meet their needs. Confidently revealing the talent and determination of your inner power means that your power will naturally increase, rather than always feeling that you have to grab it wherever you can.

Turning Your Power Around

People can often feel challenged when working with power because they view it as a possession to be obtained and guarded rather than as a dynamic process that enables needs to be fulfilled. Power is not an object, it is the flow of your talent and resourcefulness from your inner world across the boundary into your outer world where you create value from it. By working with your creativity, resourcefulness, talent, determination and inventiveness, you can use your inner power to turn your situation around and as you do so, the greatest value that you gain is often a much deeper understanding of your own needs and what the purpose of your work really is. Your real needs reflect what you truly value and even though you desire for more resources and status may appear to have some value, they may simply become a burden and never actually help you fulfill your deeper needs.