Archegyral Edges

Archegyral Edges are practical tools and immersive experiences that enable individuals and organisations to successfully and productively navigate any tensions that they may encounter along the boundaries between the inner and outer worlds. Archegyral Edges include Turning Together, which are a range of questioning and conversing processes, Human Nature For Human Beings, which help you to connect and work with your inner and outer worlds, and What Happens Inside, Happens Outside, which enable you to use your outer world as a way of explaining your inner world, and to use your inner world to understand your outer world.

Turning Together

What I do is to work with individuals and organisations to help them connect their inner and outer worlds. I do this by designing and delivering original, human centred processes that have emerged from years of experience and success in working with language, imagery and emotion. These processes include the Turning Together process, which uses the natural power of human conversation to help you connect your inner and outer worlds. The conversations that you create by using Turning Together are not just the usual ‘challenging’ or ‘difficult’ conversations but a more human and instinctive way of articulating your ideas and inspirations and actually making them happen for real, as practical and significant results.

Human Nature For Human Beings

As you use the Turning Together processes, they naturally lead into the Human Nature For Human Beings range of tools. The tools used in human nature for human beings are based on the Archegyre, which is a practical multi-ontology contextual framework for understanding the self. By using an archegyre as a guiding reference, you enable yourself and others to naturally make sense of complex situations and gain an understanding of who you are in the situation, what you need from it and what your beliefs are about it. As the Archegyre is a multi-ontology contextual framework, you can work powerfully with it in a wide variety of challenging situations. It also forms the basis for the What Happens Inside, Happens Outside range of immersive experiences.

What Happens Inside, Happens Outside

What Happens Inside, Happens Outside are contextual experiences that use your instinctive human understanding to connect your inner and outer worlds by working with natural language and imagery. These processes enable you to use the outer world as a way of explaining what is happening in your inner world, and to use your inner world as the way of understanding your outer world. Working with the What Happens Inside, Happens Outside experiences includes listening to how you voice various aspects of yourself, mapping out your inner world by using universal topography from your outer world, using the natural environment is a way of naturally connecting your inner and outer worlds, and using the instinctive connections of the stories that you create and share.

Original Processes

All these original processes, tools and experiences have been created to help you consistently connect your inner world with your outer world. By working with that connection and understanding it more clearly, you enable yourself to turn your ideas and imaginings into reality much more successfully. You also open yourself up to a much deeper awareness of the outer world and how you can use it to develop your inner world.

Truly Realised

The traditional method of working with human beings, particularly within organisations, is to take an outside-in approach where individuals tend to be objectified and viewed merely as human resources, rather than actual human beings. This outside-in approach tends to pathologise any personal challenges that individuals may face, treating them as problems to be fixed, rather than opportunities to be explored. Although these traditional methods may help in establishing compliance and ensuring that individuals conform to specific behaviours, they often result in individuals becoming very guarded about expressing their inner worlds and organisational contexts leading to a situation where their unique ideas, imagination and inspiration are never truly realised within that particular organisation.

Practical Connections

Rather than working with individuals as things that need to be fixed, we work with them as human beings who have an instinctive need to to connect their own inner and outer worlds and to naturally connect to the inner and outer worlds of the people who they work with. Although this may sound overly idealistic, the reverse is true. Most of the problems that individuals encounter when working in organisations are because they have an idealised inner world perspective on how things should be rather than a practical connection to how they actually are.

Real Difference

This idealised inner world perspective often leads to a situation where individuals avoid taking any committed action that will result in a less than ideal outcome, which they feel might be seen as a failure by others. Instead of using the connections between the inner and outer worlds to make a real difference, it becomes far easier for people to busy themselves in meaningless activity rather than exploring the differences between the inner world and outer worlds and using their insight to take meaningful action to make their ideas actually happen in reality.