We all live in two worlds, an inner and an outer world. I work with individuals and organisations to help them to connect their inner and outer worlds. The outer world is a world of facts, data, tangible realities where everything is known and familiar and where we can be certain of any outcome that we plan for. It is a world where everything can be measured and managed and every plan will have a predictable and quantifiable outcome. Even though that outer world seems so certain and tangible, everything that emerges in it originates from our inner worlds.

The Inner World

The inner world is a place of imagination, ideas, insights and assumptions. It is the source of our dreams, desires, longings, needs, fantasies, and beliefs. Unlike the outer world, the inner world is far from certain and realising its true value requires us to step into the unknown and unfamiliar. We are often cautioned against entering too far into our inner worlds and are encouraged to step back into the apparently real world of the outer world. Even as we explore the ideas and insights that are emerging from our inner worlds, we are often invited to ‘get real’, so we can deal with the realities of the outer world.

Meaningful Action

Although it may seem easier to disregard the apparent irrationality of your inner world by concentrating all your efforts on your outer world, the reality is that you cannot choose to live exclusively in just your outer world, or your inner world. Your two worlds are not mutually exclusive but intimately connected at a fundamental human level. You use your inner world to understand your outer world and you use your outer world to explain your inner world. The more that you positively and healthily use the connection between your inner and outer worlds, however, the more likely you are to step into meaningful action and actually make a valuable difference to the world around you, rather than just thinking about what you could do if only you had the chance.

Valuable Reality

The work I do with you is in connecting your inner and outer worlds, helping you to connect the ideas, imaginations and inspirations of your inner world to practical and valuable reality in your outer world. And using the outer world is a way of giving form to what is emerging, existing and evolving in your inner world. The organisations I work with range from high-tech start-ups to multinational corporations that are household names. From teams of a few people up to tens of thousands of individuals. And in every one of the teams and organisations that I work with, I focus on the individuals, the people, the actual human beings who are continually creating and recreating their organisations.

Original Tools

The fundamental reason that I work with people is that an organisation is not a machine. It is a complex ecosystem that reflects a natural ecosystem, it’s organic consisting of human beings and all the connections they make to each other and their environments. The individuals who I work with are often leaders and innovators involved in change and transformation processes where a successful outcome depends on being able to understand their own inner worlds as well as being able to explain the outer world. The work I do with you, as a leader and an innovator, uses powerful and original tools based on the natural human processes of language, imagery and emotion. The more consistently that you can connect your inner and outer worlds, the more aware that you will become of how meaningful your work is, how purposeful your work is and what the potential of your work is.

Connecting Your Worlds

By helping you to navigate the boundaries between your inner and outer worlds, I enable you to connect what inspires and excites you in your inner world, to your delivery of consistently successful outcomes in your outer world. And I do this by using pragmatic processes and practical tools that work with the fundamental qualities of human nature rather than trying to ignore it or work against it. So to really start connecting your inner and outer worlds in a powerful and natural way, to create work with meaning, with purpose, and potential, contact us. And to read more about Ian and how he uses Archegyres in his work, visit his website at Ian McLaren Wallace.